Melo rumors and speculations are just rumors and speculations.

As soon as there’s one small story in the paper it’s blown up into a big deal.

No, Melo never mentioned he wanted a new coach this year, or last. I’m sure he’s thinking it in the back of his head but he’s not saying it. Mike Woodson has been an average coach who’s almost on his way out. As it pains me to say that because he’s a noble person. He’s mended the locker room well and kept thing under wrap. The Big Apple Knickerbockers are usually filled with stories and drama but he’s managed to keep everything tight and in line.

Melo has turned into a class act and a great role model over the last few years. His move back home to New York seems to have fulfilled him and made him humble. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to win. In the back of his mind are thoughts of “what if this” and “what if that”.  But let’s give him credit he doesn’t act on them and his numbers speak for themselves, so, let’s cut him some slack.



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