Naive Brooklyn Nets Nation

As I was leaving JFK airport in Brooklyn, I overheard two airport employees discussing the Nets vs. Raptors game 3 in Brooklyn.
They were impressed with the win and their success in general. I quickly wanted to jump in and vent my hate for the way they closed out the game. It looked like an amateur team without any playoff experience.
I contained myself, obviously me being from Brooklyn I knew how they’d react.
They wouldn’t know that I was a big Nets fan myself.
And as a fan, I realized last night the Nets have no chance of winning the East. It would even be hard for them to beat any current Western Conference playoff team, let alone coming out in the East by beating the Lebron Powerhouse and the scorching Heat. Then there are the Pacers(if they can beat the Hawks), who are much more defensive minded than the #3 seed Raptors. C’mon Brooklyn wake up and smell the coffee.

Let’s talk 2014-15 Nets.  They are already considered top contenders for the 2014-15th year. We will consider the following: Big man center B. Lopez will play. Both Pierce and Garnett return. Point guards Deron Williams and Shaun Livingston with PF rookie Plumlee return. With all those preconditions actually happening, then we might be looking at top contenders of the league.
However, the play in this series is only 2-1 and Nets fans, Executives and Coaches need to address these flaws while scars are fresh instead of supporting and encouraging them.
Their current series with the Raptors is 2-1.
The 4th game is Sunday on NBA on TNT.


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