Donald Sterling’s lawyer replies back with letter to NBA

Donald Sterling refuses to pay 2.5$ million fine and attorney says he’s done nothing wrong. Meanwhile, Sterling speaks to Anderson Cooper “I’ve made a terrible mistake”.
Is that just bad timing or is Sterling and his newly hired attorney not meshing well.
This is just a disaster of an issue.

The people most affected who I feel bad for is Doc Rivers and the entire Clippers team.
They have played strong but this turmoil and drama can get it to you. I’m sure its effected their level of play. Every time their bigoted owner is mentioned in the news, emotions can sway your ability to play, especially, so close to home.
As much as I hate to say it the clipps will need to boycott their team and the NBA will have to exclude the Clippers from NBA action all together. It pains me to say that for two reasons: 1. The fans are amazing. They’re committed and loyal. And number 2. They have a legitimate chance of a title.


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