5 things to expect – Pacers vs. Heat


The 2013-14 Pacers have been preparing the entire year for this very moment, to meet the Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Unlike last year though, the Pacers now have home court advantage. I know what you’re thinking, this years Playoffs could care less about home court. Not for this matchup, it will matter if this goes to game 7 in Indiana unlike last year in Miami.

So, here are a few things to prepare for in this series, which starts on Sunday 3:30 Eastern on ABC.

5. The Heat will bring the heat every game. Because that’s just what they do. However, there are moments of low FG% which will build Pacers confidence and allow them to make scoring runs.

4. Hibbert will not be as non-existent as he was in the Hawks series. Expect him to come out strong and aggressive. The Heat big men don’t matchup to Hibbert’s size, only Greg Oden who hasn’t played in any postseason game yet. I have a feeling that’s what Frank Vogel is saving him for, that and the Finals.

3. Lebron James is a champion who has no intentions of losing this series. The will of a champion will prevail most of the time.

2. Kevin Durant was clutch in Game 6 against the Clippers. He scored when they needed to pull out in front and win. That’s what Paul George needs to do. Learn when to get his teammates involved and know when his team needs to score.

1. Expect physicality to come out vividly. This is going to be a dogfight and tempers will rise. The cool heads unlike the Pacers have shown in the past will rise over their competition.


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