Who’s the next Head Coach of the NY KNICKS?

Phil meets with Mike Dunleavy Sr.
Knicks and Phil Jackson supposedly aiming for Mike Dunleavy Sr.
Finally, a candidate with some mileage. There aren’t a lot of them left.
Obviously, Phil is gonna have to hire a coach no matter what. So, let’s look at the candidates.

1. Mark Jackson
2. Mike Dunleavy Sr.
3. My personal favorite Steve Smith
4. Derek Fisher is in the mix.

Experience is a big factor for Phil and the Knicks.

They need to know how to handle personnel, players and be comfortable in the role. From the choices the experience of Mike Dunleavy would be the right choice. Carmelo is a big ego in NY and taming a larger than life player isn’t an easy task for any coach, let alone a rookie one. I’m not sure if Dunleavy though has what it takes, then again neither did Steve Kerr.


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