A Legacy is Born

The 2014 NBA Finals bring us two teams that are going to leave behind a legacy to remember.

The San Antonio Spurs have already won 4 championships with this team and a 5th would put them on top of mountain-like proportions. The faith and future after this year seems hard to imagine them winning a championship without Duncan, if he finishes after this season. Tony Parker hasn’t had a healthy postseason the last two years and playing basketball is weighing in on him. This could be their last year to DO IT. Their legacy with all the accomplishments from past years can still improve tri-fold by beating their last year’s opponent the MIAMI HEAT. This’ll put the San Antonio Spurs into “Mount Rushmore” territory of NBA teams.

The Miami Heat have reached the NBA Finals 4 years in a row. This places them in a league with only the Celtics and Lakers to do so. They’ve won 2 and a 3-peat is possible. Lebron James is in his prime and can continue to create splashes of greatness for years to come. The faith of his legacy is different than of the teams. He can continue to be a great player who accomplishes goals and beats records. A team legacy such as the Lakers, Celtics, Bulls and now the Spurs includes championships and domination. THIS year will be their deciding moment of greatness.



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