JUNE 3rd – Mark your calendar – NBA Hearing on Donald Sterling

The NBA has set a date for Donald Sterling to reply back to the hearing on June 3rd. The date to reply back is May 27.

Things are moving quite fast. It appears the NBA wants no part in prolonging this. While Donald Sterling is still mailing letters of his innocence and denial of any further payments. Maybe he is stuck in the past when things were a little different than today’s world. This would give him and others a rude awakening.

On June 3rd, the Board of Governors will have a special meeting regarding this matter. They will likely vote on the dismissal of Donald Sterling as an NBA team owner. They need three-fourths of the 29 owners to do it.

The NBA Finals start on June 5th and the hearings will be a 2-day process. It is commendable and righteous that the NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has pushed this forward to a maximum velocity. Image


A day in history and a lifetime ban for Donald Sterling

A day in history and a lifetime ban for Donald Sterling

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver slammed the hammer on Donald Sterling, current owner of the Los Angeles Clippers. – Tuesday, April 29, 2014.

Commissioner Silver put a lifetime ban from the NBA, a maximum $2.5 Million fee, and called on the 30 owners to vote out and force Donald Sterling to sell the Clippers. A 75% vote of owners to support Adam Silver and the NBA is required for any further action to sell the Clippers. He was also “Personally distraught” about Sterling and his views, sending his personal apologies to many legends including Magic Johnson, mentioned in Sterling’s recording.

After his announcement, support was overwhelming. Players, fans, owners, newscasters, sports enthusiasts chimed in. The NAACP also released a statement with their support for the decision. NAACP recently announced the nomination for Donald Sterling for their lifetime achievement award which they withdrew on Monday.

City Hall was opened to Kevin Johnson and the NBA Players Association (NBPA) to make their statements. They did by showing their support for the Commissioner and the NBA’s decision. Kevin Johnson then called Adam Silver “not only the owner’s commissioner but also the player’s commissioner”. Roger Mason the first Vice President of the NBPA who represents the players spoke about the issue. He made it clear that they were ready to boycott the rest of the games. Players around the league had the same notions and a boycott would have been the right move. There is a sense of urgency from the Commissioner and we have to give him a lot of credit for dealing with this in a professional manner.

SI-CNN-Michael McCann writes about the legalities of this issue as being not as simple as it seems. The owners need to vote out Sterling and need a 75% majority to do it. However, forcing Sterling to sell the Clippers will be nearly impossible. Sterling has already stated he’s not interested in selling the Clippers. They have a better chance of exiling the entire team and franchise from the NBA.



Adam Silver posts age limit top priority

The NBA has been pushing this on the league for a few years now. With the support of many legends like Kareem, it just feels like now is the right time.


ESPN reports that Adam Silver has set this as his top priority.
But dealing with the players union has not been easy. We’ll just have to wait and see their reaction.