Phil Jackson talks about Carmelo Anthony’s free agency.


Carmelo Anthony Opts out – Still has a chance to sign with Knicks.

Carmelo Anthony has until July 1st to notify officially his opt-out and review other offers in free agency. The New York Knicks can still offer him a job but at what cost.


Knicks new Head Coach Derek Fisher talks about New York

Knicks new Head Coach Derek Fisher talks about New York

With the current competition in LAC, OKC, HEAT, SPURS, HOU, and POR. It’s hard to imagine the New York Knicks winning a championship in the next 5 years. There’s a chance of luck but basketball isn’t about luck.

A team needs to have guts, determination, and a passion to win.

All of these characteristics have been a part of the way Derek Fisher has played in his long basketball career. That says a lot about a person and throughout the years he’s proven himself a worthy competitor. If the Knicks can climb up to be worthy competitors, I see it as “mission accomplished”.




Report: Fisher will be next coach of Knicks | Hang Time Blog reports

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VIDEO:According to reports, Knicks bring on Fisher for five years, $25 million

The New York Knicks addressed their coaching vacancy, bringing on Derek Fisher to be their next head coach, according to reports. Fisher just wrapped up his 18th NBA season — his third with the Oklahoma City Thunder — with a six-game defeat to the San Antonio Spurs in the Western Conference finals. He rejoins Knicks president Phil Jackson, whom he teamed up with to grab five NBA titles as a point guard with the Lakers. The reported contract is for five years, $25 million.

Fisher’s arrival in New York means an end…

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Fisher’s union role helped prepare him for Knicks head coaching job | Hang Time Blog

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VIDEO:Reports: Knicks hire Derek Fisher

Most people, when they hear the news about Derek Fisher becoming the head coach of the New York Knicks, think of the veteran NBA point guard, the longtime Los Angeles Lakers role player who entered the league with Kobe Bryant in the 1996 Draft but was an adult, and ageless, from start to finish in his 18-year career.

Me, I found myself thinking of a different Fisher as multiple outlets reported his hiring as Knicks coach by Phil Jackson, New York’s ballyhooed new basketball boss, and Fisher’s old Lakers coach.

I thought of Fisher, the union president who helped navigate the National Basketball Players Association through the divisive 2011 labor lockout.

That’s where Fisher might have an edge over other former players who were hired with no prior coaching experience.

What Fisher had to do as union prez sure seemed a…

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Phil gets Fined

The season hasn’t started for Phil Jackson and he’s already been fined $25,000 for attempting to lure Derek Fisher into coaching.

NBA fined Jackson for tampering with Derek Fisher from his comments about him, Phil said “he’s on my list of guys that could be very good candidates” to coach the NY Knicks.

The Coaching saga for Knick fans continues to drag on.  Phil stated as reported by ESPN that he’s not in a hurry to make his coaching pick and he would like to speak with Derek Fisher first.

Derek is finishing his 18th year and the two have history in LA. Now that the Thunder have been eliminated, Jackson will give Fisher some time before he’ll contact him. Before their season ending game 6 versus the Spurs, Fisher said “allow me to finish my career as a player before they give me another job after that”.

it’s only now a matter of days and not weeks that we’ll know about their meeting together and the future of the New York Knickerbockers.


Who’s the next Head Coach of the NY KNICKS?

Phil meets with Mike Dunleavy Sr.
Knicks and Phil Jackson supposedly aiming for Mike Dunleavy Sr.
Finally, a candidate with some mileage. There aren’t a lot of them left.
Obviously, Phil is gonna have to hire a coach no matter what. So, let’s look at the candidates.

1. Mark Jackson
2. Mike Dunleavy Sr.
3. My personal favorite Steve Smith
4. Derek Fisher is in the mix.

Experience is a big factor for Phil and the Knicks.

They need to know how to handle personnel, players and be comfortable in the role. From the choices the experience of Mike Dunleavy would be the right choice. Carmelo is a big ego in NY and taming a larger than life player isn’t an easy task for any coach, let alone a rookie one. I’m not sure if Dunleavy though has what it takes, then again neither did Steve Kerr.

Steve Kerr, NBA

There’s something about Steve.

Steve Kerr being the so called ‘top prospect’ of the next coaching job is so close he can taste it. I just don’t know if he’s the right guy for the job.

There’s an interesting point made by ESPN NBA analyst Stephen A. Smith. He questions why is Steve Kerr a prospect for all the major coaching jobs that are still vacant like LAL, NYK, and GSW.
Let’s make it clear that he’s not questioning Steve as a person or what he’s accomplished as an NBA analyst, and player. He’s questioning why the league has recognized Steve without any prior experiences in coaching to be the priority hire over other experienced coaches, especially black COY Avery Johnson & Sam Mitchell.
There’s also former coaches Vinny D. Negro, Stan V. Gundy and recently outed Mike Woodson.
Stephen A. Smith on radio:
Here’s the full article : .

Why is Steve Kerr on top of the list for so many teams? Why are these other coaches being overlooked? Do owner’s communicate with each other about their past coaches, giving recommendation to some and ridiculing others.

As far as it goes on reputation, Steve Kerr is a hell of a guy with a great mind for Basketball. That doesn’t though classify him a great coach to be. It’s true we haven’t seen any experience to prove us one way or another. Let’s compare this to coming out of college, looking for a data entry job. You don’t get the opportunity to hand pick from the top paying jobs, you start out with a minimum paying job just to get in the door.  For those that wait, they lose time and often are not as successful hoping to get lucky. If Steve was so interested in a coaching job he could have had one last year or the year before.  It only comes into light now that his mentor Phil stepped into a role to make it the most ideal situation.

They’re most likely going to run into a deal after Steve’s contract calling the Western Conference Finals ends this year.

2014 Playoffs !! hot, hot, hot..

2014 Playoffs !! hot, hot, hot..

With the 3rd day in the books. The 2014 Playoffs are already considered one of the hottest playoff starts ever. We’ve had hype, blowouts, comebacks, overtimes, surprises and controversy in every game and Spike isn’t even in attendance.

Speaking of the Knicks and the “zen master”, they’ve just released Mike Woodson and are moving forward with another Coach. I’m shooting for Jeff Van Gundy but my 8 ball points to “not a chance in hell”.

I’ve never seen a start to the playoffs as I did on Saturday 4/19/2014. Five underdogs including one 8th seed have already won G1.


Pacers(1) lose G1 to Hawks(8).
Heat(2) wins at home against the Cats(7) but a strong effort in Q3.
Spurs(1) win against Mavs(8).
Thunder(2) beat Grizzlies(7) in game 1. Game 2 went to Overtime and the Grizz have evened up the series.
Blazers(5) beats Rockets(4) in Houston
Raptors(3) lost at home to experience Nets(6)
Wizards(5) beat Bulls(4) in Chicago.
and the biggest Game 1 – Warriors(6) steal game 1 from Clippers(3) in Los Angeles.

and there’s more to come…


Melo rumors and speculations are just rumors and speculations.

As soon as there’s one small story in the paper it’s blown up into a big deal.

No, Melo never mentioned he wanted a new coach this year, or last. I’m sure he’s thinking it in the back of his head but he’s not saying it. Mike Woodson has been an average coach who’s almost on his way out. As it pains me to say that because he’s a noble person. He’s mended the locker room well and kept thing under wrap. The Big Apple Knickerbockers are usually filled with stories and drama but he’s managed to keep everything tight and in line.

Melo has turned into a class act and a great role model over the last few years. His move back home to New York seems to have fulfilled him and made him humble. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to win. In the back of his mind are thoughts of “what if this” and “what if that”.  But let’s give him credit he doesn’t act on them and his numbers speak for themselves, so, let’s cut him some slack.