- phil and derek

Phil gets Fined

The season hasn’t started for Phil Jackson and he’s already been fined $25,000 for attempting to lure Derek Fisher into coaching.

NBA fined Jackson for tampering with Derek Fisher from his comments about him, Phil said “he’s on my list of guys that could be very good candidates” to coach the NY Knicks.

The Coaching saga for Knick fans continues to drag on.  Phil stated as reported by ESPN that he’s not in a hurry to make his coaching pick and he would like to speak with Derek Fisher first.

Derek is finishing his 18th year and the two have history in LA. Now that the Thunder have been eliminated, Jackson will give Fisher some time before he’ll contact him. Before their season ending game 6 versus the Spurs, Fisher said “allow me to finish my career as a player before they give me another job after that”.

it’s only now a matter of days and not weeks that we’ll know about their meeting together and the future of the New York Knickerbockers.