Steve Kerr, NBA

There’s something about Steve.

Steve Kerr being the so called ‘top prospect’ of the next coaching job is so close he can taste it. I just don’t know if he’s the right guy for the job.

There’s an interesting point made by ESPN NBA analyst Stephen A. Smith. He questions why is Steve Kerr a prospect for all the major coaching jobs that are still vacant like LAL, NYK, and GSW.
Let’s make it clear that he’s not questioning Steve as a person or what he’s accomplished as an NBA analyst, and player. He’s questioning why the league has recognized Steve without any prior experiences in coaching to be the priority hire over other experienced coaches, especially black COY Avery Johnson & Sam Mitchell.
There’s also former coaches Vinny D. Negro, Stan V. Gundy and recently outed Mike Woodson.
Stephen A. Smith on radio:
Here’s the full article : .

Why is Steve Kerr on top of the list for so many teams? Why are these other coaches being overlooked? Do owner’s communicate with each other about their past coaches, giving recommendation to some and ridiculing others.

As far as it goes on reputation, Steve Kerr is a hell of a guy with a great mind for Basketball. That doesn’t though classify him a great coach to be. It’s true we haven’t seen any experience to prove us one way or another. Let’s compare this to coming out of college, looking for a data entry job. You don’t get the opportunity to hand pick from the top paying jobs, you start out with a minimum paying job just to get in the door.  For those that wait, they lose time and often are not as successful hoping to get lucky. If Steve was so interested in a coaching job he could have had one last year or the year before.  It only comes into light now that his mentor Phil stepped into a role to make it the most ideal situation.

They’re most likely going to run into a deal after Steve’s contract calling the Western Conference Finals ends this year.