2014 Playoffs !! hot, hot, hot..

2014 Playoffs !! hot, hot, hot..

With the 3rd day in the books. The 2014 Playoffs are already considered one of the hottest playoff starts ever. We’ve had hype, blowouts, comebacks, overtimes, surprises and controversy in every game and Spike isn’t even in attendance.

Speaking of the Knicks and the “zen master”, they’ve just released Mike Woodson and are moving forward with another Coach. I’m shooting for Jeff Van Gundy but my 8 ball points to “not a chance in hell”.

I’ve never seen a start to the playoffs as I did on Saturday 4/19/2014. Five underdogs including one 8th seed have already won G1.


Pacers(1) lose G1 to Hawks(8).
Heat(2) wins at home against the Cats(7) but a strong effort in Q3.
Spurs(1) win against Mavs(8).
Thunder(2) beat Grizzlies(7) in game 1. Game 2 went to Overtime and the Grizz have evened up the series.
Blazers(5) beats Rockets(4) in Houston
Raptors(3) lost at home to experience Nets(6)
Wizards(5) beat Bulls(4) in Chicago.
and the biggest Game 1 – Warriors(6) steal game 1 from Clippers(3) in Los Angeles.

and there’s more to come…



Playoff Matchups 1st Round


(1) INDIANA vs. (8) Atlanta
(2) MIAMI vs. (7) Charlotte
(3) TORONTO vs. (6) Brooklyn
(4) CHICAGO vs. (5) Washington
(1) SAN ANTONIO vs. (8) Dallas
(2) OKLAHOMA CITY vs. (7) Memphis
(3) LOS ANGELES vs. (6) Golden State
(4) HOUSTON vs. (5) Portland


2014 Awards

Here are our predictions of the NBA Awards for 2014.

2014 MVP:

1. Kevin Durant
2. Lebron James

This year’s performance by K.D. earns him the award. With or without Westbrook, he’s been the leader of his team. He’s outshined and out-performed his counterpart Lebron James. 32 PPG and second best team record in the NBA. What more needs to be said?

Defensive Player of the Year.

1. Joakim Noah
2. Paul George
3. Chris Paul

Noah’s numbers are not of a superstar but they are of the most ferocious and active player in the NBA. That makes him the 2014 Defensive Player.

Sixth Man

1. Jamal Crawford
2. Manu Ginobli

We can’t take anything from Manu and his contribution to his team is invaluable. However, J. Crawford has at times thrown the team on his back and led the way. That’s why he’s our choice in 2014.

Most Improved Player

1. Lance Stephenson
2. Goran Dragic
3. Jimmy Butler

Coming out with the most Triple-Doubles of the year is Lance Stephenson. His production has helped Indiana earn top seed in the Eastern Conference. Goran Dragic is right behind him but Lance wins this race by an inch.

Rookie of the Year

1. Michael Carter Williams. PHI
2. Victor Oladipo, ORL

Amazing start and career for MCW earns him our awards for Rookie of the Year.

Coach of the Year

1. Gregg Popovich, San Antonio Spurs
2. Tom Thibodeau, Chicago Bulls
3.  Jeff Hornacek, Phoenix Suns

Jeff Hornacek with a winning season(48-34) has done an amazing job with the Suns. He’s put them on the path to success. We can’t wait to see the results next year.  Our choice of 2014 Coach of the Year is Gregg Popovich. What can be said about Pop and his Spurs. After suffering a hard loss in the finals, the Spurs came back with a 62-20. Incredible and resilient.